About Us

Hello Everybody. My name is Maddox, and I am a 16-year-old teenager who created Jump-OFF fashion in 2020. The story began when my mom and I decided to visit the sustainable fashion show in Berlin two years ago. I was amazed by how people crafted unique products made out of recycled materials, food wastes, and much more. I was so inspired that I thought, “What if I could do something similar.”

And so the journey began. 

The first order was from two friendly people from India who we met at the fashion show. My goal was to create an ecological fashion brand that suited youngsters and people further in age, had a nice look, and is made out of fair-traded materials.

Noticing that the first product line was successful, we decided to expand and choose a new manufacturer who made us even more ecological, brought us more quality clothes for our customers and more stylish designs. I am very grateful for having pulled up a sustainable fashion brand, and my mom has supported me all the way through.

But hold on. What does Jump-OFF fashion mean? Well … “Jump-OFF fashion” means to “Jump-OFF” the road, which leads us to air pollution, plastic pollution, bad working conditions in the fashion industry, and “Jump On” the road which leads us to sustainable thinking, being sustainable, and taking action against climate change. “Jump-OFF” represents the beginning of taking action and being ready to change the world.