We will donate 4€ of every item bought, to the Kamulu school based in Africa. The money that will be donated will help the kids in Africa get a better education and better environment to learn. We decided to donate money because its important to build up a system and help others who may not have the access to education. To give you as much tranparency as a fashion brand, you can surely visit their website under:

About us 

We are a eco fashion brand, selling sustainable clothing. This is very important as people should think more sustainable about what they are buying. Besides this it was our goal to make our clothing look as stylish as possible. When your are wearing this clothing you can feel proud about yourself for having bought organic, stlyish fashion and on the way have supported a chartiy project. All of the workers which are producing our products are paid fairly and are working under good conditions. We put high value on these things and also put high value on the certification of the manufacturer.